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27: Marketing Trends Ending in 2018

December 19, 2017

With 2017 set to expire in just a few weeks there are also a few marketing trends that are set to expire. According to a recent blog post written by Jasz Joseph over at Hubspot, there are 8 marketing trends that have run their course as we know it. That being said, you should be aware of them and get with the times and start making adjustments now.

Today the guys discuss whether they agree with this article or not. From drip campaigns to ebooks to marketing automation, there is something to be learned and adjusted to take your marketing into the future…the very near future.

We would love your feedback on whether you agree with the article or not. Tweet us @LunchBreakMkt to give us your thoughts and opinions. Maybe you have one you would add or maybe even take away from this list. Whatever it may be, we want to hear from you.

Show Notes:

2:22 – The first one is ebooks. More specifically, long (text heavy) ebooks.

3:05 – The infographic is by Kuno Creative.

7:19 – The second one is drip campaigns with NO personalization.

11:25 – The third is focusing on quantity instead of the quality of a blog.

14:15 – The forth on is focused overloading on marketing automation.

16:36 – The fifth one is organic only facebook strategy.

19:38 – The sixth one is using email to reach the C-Suite.

25:28 – The last one the guys cover is relying on a text-based SEO strategy.

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