Season 2,

26: SEO Tips for 2018

December 12, 2017

As we draw closer to the end of the year, most marketers are thinking about what areas they would like to see an improvement in the new year. One of those areas is SEO. We have found that most business owners and even some marketers can either be intimidated by SEO or they just don’t have a clue where to start.

In today’s podcast, SEO Tips for 2018,  the guys dive even further into the SEO world and give you even more tips you should be applying to your website to get better results with your SEO. This topic is a continuation of the tips provided in a podcast from season 1. If you haven’t given that a listen, stop what you are doing and head over there to give that a listen.

We hope that you find the information helpful and can start applying these tips to your website today in order to see a greater performance from your SEO in 2018.



5:55 – Jason kicks it off with meta descriptions.

7:50 – You want to optimize your meta description preview. We recommend Yoast SEO.

8:40 – You can also use Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule.

9:18 – Create a template for your descriptions.

10:57 – Always important to have a keyword focus on your website.

12:07 – Include your keywords inside the title tag.

12:36 – Drop your keywords in the first 100 words.

14:05 – Meta descriptions are marketing gold.

15:15 – Ask questions in the meta description

16:03 – You can include CTA’s like your phone number

17:06 – Test, test, TEST! Always A/B test.

18:04 – Include SEO friendly keywords in your site URLs, but make sure you keep it short.

20:58 – Wrap your title in an h1 tag and make sure you only have one h1 tag per page.

23:31 – Make sure your subheads wrapped in h2 tags.

24:22 – Check out the Competitive Gap Analysis by SEMrush – The best tool for seeing what keywords your competition is ranking for.

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