Season 1,

21: SEO Tips

September 26, 2017

Recently, Google released Hawk into the world, a new algorithm focused mostly on local search. Zack wrote a blog that detailed what all you can expect from that new update. In that blog, he gave the readers tips for what they could be doing to outperform their competitors and begin to rank higher in search engines.

This actually sparked a conversation between the guys where they realized that they haven’t really presented a lot of topics surrounding SEO – until now!

Today’s podcast is centered around SEO and a few tips you can start applying today to get a better authority ranking and see your ads and company website move up in the search engine rankings.

The guys hope you enjoy this topic and find the tips practical for you to start applying it in your SEO strategy today.


Show Notes

1:47 – Brian Dean shoutout, again!

2:37 – Tip number one is: Get reviews.

5:15 – Don’t get stuck on having to get ALL 5-star ratings.

8:44 – Tip number two is: Get Listed

10:35 – Keep your profile on Google up to date.

12:20 – Tip number three is: Make sure you appropriate titles and meta descriptions for Google to find you.

16:34 – Tip number four is: Make sure you gather quality links.

19:36 – Tip number five is: Create great content.

24:45 – Tip number six is: Do your keyword research

24:56 – Check out Moz, SEMrush Keyword Tool, and Google’s Keyword Planner.

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