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06: Make Email Great Again

June 13, 2017

Jason and I recently attended Digital Summit here in Atlanta. If you haven’t attended the conference before, you should. They come to most of the major cities across the United States. Head on over to their website and check it out. You won’t regret it.

While we were at the conference we learned so much more about marketing from several leading experts in the field of marketing. One of those experts sat down with us to speak about email marketing. Michael Barber is the owner of Barber&Hewitt and got his start working alongside Jay Baer. That’s right, Jay Baer. During his presentation, “Make Email Great Again,” he presented how we as marketers are missing the mark when it comes to email marketing and gave us valuable tips to make email great again.

In part one of this two-part interview, Micheal covers four of his seven tips on how we can be great at email. Here are the first four tips he covers in part one:

  • Authentication
  • Design
  • Subject Lines
  • Interactivity

Michael has graciously given us his presentation slides for our listeners to have for future reference. Download it here and follow along in this podcast.

You can also read our blog entitled, the same as Michael Barber’s presentation, “Make Email Great Again,” here as well.


Show Notes
  • 2:00

    How this interview came to pass. We take you an incredible journey of how a simple graphic brought our paths together.

  • 3:40

    Michael tells a little about himself and why he is an authority to speak on why we all suck at email marketing.

  • 4:05

    Michael casually mentions his start in marketing with Jay Baer. No biggie.

  • 5:42

    Michael presents some stats on why we are bad email marketing. There are several stats that are staggering of how bad we are doing when it comes to the best marketing channel we could be utilizing.

  • 8:28

    The first tip to making email great again is authentication. You are doing all of this work around email for nothing if you aren’t getting into the inbox. That’s why this is the first tip and the most important tip.

  • 9:19

    Second tip to making email great again is design. With the rise of mobile users and smart watches, it’s important to design your emails to be responsive, just like your website.

  • 12:02

    I want an Apple Watch! Who is going to help me get one?

  • 13:40

    The third tip to making email great again is subject line. They matter. So follow his tips so you will grab the attention in the inbox.

  • 15:51

    The fourth tip to making email great again is interactivity. Don’t just use interactive content just to use them, but use them if it is relevant and if it enhances the message of what you are trying to communicate.


This podcast was recorded at Brooklyn Cafe in Atlanta, GA. The food was outstanding, the atmosphere was incredible, and the staff did a fantastic job. If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out.

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