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10: Great Social Media Management Apps

July 11, 2017

Social media is one of those things that in order to constantly keep your audience engaged, you most post often and monitor what others are posting on your channels. Because of that demand, a good social media manager often finds themselves managing most of their social channels straight from a phone.

In today’s podcast, the guys talk about some of their favorite social media management apps. Being able to manage your social media directly on your phone is super helpful, but without the proper apps, it can be very frustrating. Hopefully, by the end of the podcast, you will have an arsenal of apps to help you achieve your social media goals on the go.

So go ahead and open your app store and feel free to download the apps as they discuss them. Let us know if you have any other apps you use that we didn’t mention. Tweet us so we can include those in future episodes.


Show Notes
  • 3:05

    Manage multiple pages with Facebook Pages.

  • 3:40

    In order to manage business accounts or multiple accounts, you MUST have your own personal account. Seems like a no brainer, but you would be surprised.

  • 4:45

    Instagram is great for sharing photos. Zack LOVES him some Instagram. Feel free to follow Jason and Zack.

  • 6:24

    You must have the Facebooks Ads app. This allows you to see, manage, and analyze all your Facebook ads.

  • 7:00

    Then there is Twitter. Make sure if you are managing more than one Twitter account, that you log out of one before logging in to another.

  • 8:30

    Shout out to Neil Patel and Eric Siu.

  • 8:40

    HootSuite allows you to post on multiple channels all at once.

  • 10:25

    Buffer allows you to also connect your LinkedIn and Pinterest account(s).

  • 11:35

    SproutSocial will also help you schedule your social media posts as well.

  • 12:20

    CrowdFire helps your expand your Twitter reach by populating articles for you to share that are related to your field.

  • 13:40

    DrumUp is very similar to CrowdFire. Just your personal preference.

  • 18:00

    VSCO is great for photo editing and capturing photos. Loaded with nice presets and has a community component.

  • 19:33

    Shout out to Local Republic. Great food. Great atmosphere. Check it out if you are in the Atlanta area.

  • 19:56

    Snapseed is great for adding text to your images with pre-made templates for you to customize.

  • 20:28

    Over is similar to Snapseed with adding text and images over your images.

  • 21:05

    Retouch is good for taking something out of a photo or touching up blemishes on your face.

  • 21:45

    Lightroom mobile app is great for editing photos from your computer or your phone on the go. Great for photographers.

  • 22:34

    Zack uses iMovie and Splice for video editing on the go.

  • 24:12

    GIF maker is great for creating GIF’s on the go.

  • 25:17

    GIF maker is great for creating GIF’s on the go.

  • Feedly and Pocket both allow you save blogs and articles you want to come back too. Feedly actually will manage your RSS feed for you. So you only have to check one place.

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