Season 1,

16: What is Native Advertising?

August 22, 2017

This episode of the podcast is all about native advertising

  • What is native advertising?
  • How does it differ from content marketing?
  • Tips to improve your own native advertising
  • The future of native advertising according to Melanie
  • That annoying dragon fruit picture popping up everywhere

Content marketing, native advertising, the lines can get blurred between the two.

However, there are clear distinctions when you look at them closer. In today’s podcast, we are joined by Melanie Deziel (pronounced “Mel-uh-nee Dee-zull”), Branded Content Consultant & Speaker, who has spent her entire career perfecting native advertising.  Melanie defines what true native advertising is and also gives us some of how people are using in their marketing strategy.

Native advertising is foreign to most of us, but after this podcast, we know you will see that you are probably already using it in your strategy without realizing it. Once you harness the effectiveness of this form of marketing, you will start to see your brand grow.

More on Melanie Deziel

Melanie Deziel is an award-winning branded-content strategist, consultant, and speaker who travels the world educating marketing, sales, and editorial teams on branded-content best practices.

Deziel started The Overlap League native ad newsletter, writes the New Media Navigator column for Inc, teaches social media for Syracuse University’s online Master’s program, and is on the board of the Native Advertising Institute. She is the former director of creative strategy for Time Inc. and was the first editor of branded content at The New York Times, where she wrote the sponsored content pieces that won the 2014 and 2015 Best Native Advertising Execution OMMA Award, including the acclaimed “Women Inmates” piece for Netflix.

How to get in touch with Melanie Deziel

Twitter: @mdeziel


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