Season 1,

25: Business Farts

October 31, 2017

Everyone does it. Don’t deny it. It’s something that scares us. It can be your worst nightmare.

I am talking about farting. It’s not a mystery that everyone farts. No exceptions – it’s science… However, it’s what you do with after you fart that matters. Do you claim it and take extreme ownership? Do you deny it at all costs? Or do you pass the blame to someone else?

In business, there are moments where a business “farts.” Something happens that is grabbing their audience’s attention for all the wrong reasons. What they do in response is crucial.

In today’s final episode of season 1, the guys discuss a few businesses that handle their business “farts” the right way and those who did not. This episode will have you laughing and terrified all at the same time.

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