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09: Finding Free Resources for Designers and Marketers

July 04, 2017

Jason originally started out on a quest to make a valuable resource for designers. It sucked. It was nothing and barely more than a go-to-resource for him to bookmark some links. If you even care, here’s the link to those design resources.

Then, enter Brian Dean and the Backlinko blog. Jason is an avid reader of Brian Dean’s content and research, so when he heard about Dean’s Skyscraper Technique, he wanted to try it out. So, Jason’s newest blog, 500+ Free Resources for Successful Marketing Pros, is the beginning of a test to try out this new technique.

In today’s podcast, we discuss some of our favorite resources from the list. We reminisce on our favorite stock photo websites, their features, how they’ve changed and what we love about them. We also chat about Chrome extensions and Zack’s bizarre attachment to Safari. Then, we move on to fonts and other applications. Be sure to check out the blog and be sure to let us know if we’ve left any apps out! Cheers.

Show Notes
  • 3:00

    This is the Skyscraper SEO technique that Jason mentions. It’s all about making the best resource around. Check out Brian Dean on Twitter.

  • 3:26

    Someone ELSE in the restaurant has a squeaky chair. It was NOT Jason. Haha

  • 3:53

    Seriously, this is a 6+ month project!!!

  • 4:31

    Zack uses Safari. Whyyyyyy!?!?!?

  • 10:37

    Check out The Unsplash Book. Let us know if you have it and what you think.

  • 13:48! The Kraken has been released!!!

  • 16:49

    .OFF? No. Just, no. Jason, it’s .OTF! .OFF is not a font file extension…

  • 20:16

    I use TinyJPG on the daily. Like seriously. The best way I’ve found that you can optimize photos for the web is to grab a stock photo, place it in Photoshop using the Legacy “Save for Web” feature, reduce the dimensions and quality. Then, upload it to TINYJPG to drop down the file size some more. What’s your method?

  • 22:09

    Here’s the video from Kraken Unleashed – the new VR ride at SeaWorld Orlando.

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