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07: Make Email Great Again, Again

June 20, 2017

Welcome back to part two of our sit down with Michael Barber of Barber&Hewitt. Last week, Michael gave us a run down of how we are doing email wrong and how as marketers, we are wasting this amazing marketing channel.

As we continue our conversation from last week about email marketing, Michael gives us the three final tips on how to make email great again. If you missed last weeks podcast, we covered:

  • Authentication
  • Design
  • Subject Lines
  • Interactivity

In this week, we cover these three tips:

  • Automation & Triggers
  • Always Say Hello
  • Be Human

If you did happen to miss last weeks podcast, go back and listen to get the full conversation.

Michael has graciously given us his presentation slides for our listeners to have for future reference. Download it here and follow along in this podcast.

You can also read our blog entitled, the same as Michael Barber’s presentation, “Make Email Great Again,” here as well.


Show Notes
  • 1:33

    The fifth tip to making email great again is automation and triggers. Michael talks about making our emails timely, targeted, and relevant. To do that, you have to gather great data.

  • 2:53

    Thanks Amazon for being creepy! You have opened the door for the rest of us to be creepy. Thumbs up.

  • 3:48

    Jason uses the word parlay again.

  • 4:35

    You MUST setup a Welcome email series. It’s the single most important email campaign you will ever work on.

  • 5:45

    The sixth tip to making email great again is always say hello. By saying hello, you are making the client feel more comfortable with you and your brand. Take the opportunity to say hello when you can.

  • 6:25

    The seventh tip to making email great again is to speak to the recipient like a human. Stop using the marketing mumbo jumbo and create emails that are applicable to your recipients.

  • 8:53

    Of all the tips he has given, the number one thing you should be doing is making sure you are authenticated. If you aren’t getting into the inbox, you are wasting time.

  • 10:05

    You heard it, folks, we will be doing MORE graphics with Michael.

  • 10:45

    Jason and Zack recap the conversation while adding a couple of elements to the conversation.

  • 12:35

    Jason took a look back at what Hotmail looked like back in the day. Nothing has majorly changed with email. The only thing that has changed is how marketers have started to use it and how people interact with their inbox.

  • 15:15

    Jason has Gmail emails from 2007. WOW! That’s crazy.

  • 17:05

    94 Billion SPAM messages sent a day. WOAH! We are screwing this up, guys!

  • 17:50

    78% of emails are marked as SPAM. Come on, guys!

  • 18:35

    92% of people who are on the Internet are sending and receiving email on a regular basis

  • 21:55

    Setup and opt-in for people to select how many times they want to see your content in a month. It will increase your open and click-through rate.

  • 25:54

    Think about setting up a re-engagement campaign to get more people to re-engage with your email. Get your list active.

  • 30:02

    It boils down to that email is just two people having a conversation. That’s how we make email great again.

This podcast was recorded at Brooklyn Cafe in Atlanta, GA. The food was outstanding, the atmosphere was incredible, and the staff did a fantastic job. If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out.

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